I love creating special moments for You and Your mini!

After my rainbow baby, Zuri was born in 2020, I found a love for creating pieces that allowed my kids and I to bond, smile, and enjoy timeless moments together.

I started my shop in November, 2021 as a passion project, and a way of healing after my miscarriage and D&C. In 2022, my mom was diagnosed with alopecia, and she wanted something protective, comfortable, and secure for her hair and scalp. This is how I began putting more focus and emphasis into stylish protective wear, which included bonnets and satin-lined headwear. I have received so many kind words and messages from so many people who have felt this was a big need for them. And this helped kickstart the direction of my business.

I am so appreciative of every shopper and supporter! From the bottom of my heart - Thank you for choosing to support me and my small business! - Shinnice P.

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